GS 2000VA-3000VA
GS 2000VA-3000VA

The GS ups provides high power density in small and economic package.It is offers power protection against surges and spikes.This UPS will perfect for any home or small office application with a voltage stabilizer.

Scudo 400VA/600VA Standby UPS
Scudo 400VA/600VA Standby UPS

•Compact size    

•Excellent microprocessor control guarantees high reliability     

•Boost and buck AVR for voltage stabilization     

•Auto restart while AC is recovering     

•Simulated sine wave     

•Off-mode charging    

•Cold start function     

•Generator compatible    


ModelGS 2000va     GS  3000va
CAPACITY2000VA/1200W           3000VA/1800W                       
DisplayLED or LCD, depends on user's choice.
Input voltage range110V: 95~140Vac, or
Output voltage range110V: 102~132Vac, or
Output frequency (DC mode)50/60HZ ±1%
Wave formPWM (DC Mode)
Transfer time2-6ms(Typical)
Efficiency≥80%INV Mode)
QTY & capacity of battery4 pcs*12V7Ah 4 pcs*12V9Ah
Charging period6-8 hours recover to 90% capacity
Backup time200~300 minutes1PC+15 inch CRT)
RJ45/11 & USBOptional
Auto re-starts when AC recoversYes
Silence setupYes
Automatic charging (offline charging)Yes
Battery low voltage protectionYes
Overload & Short circuit protectionYes
Unit dimension (mm)455*195*330
Net weight (1pc, kg)1820
* Product specifications are subject to change without further notice