GM 312
GM 312

The UPS applies chargeable lithium ion batteries,which possesses the functions of safety,high capacity,high compatibility super-thin and incredibly light,etc.It can supply to most part of internet and digital products,and can be used as portable power ban

Scudo 400VA/600VA Standby UPS
Scudo 400VA/600VA Standby UPS

1,2300mah*3pcs batteries;

2,12V DC AND USB 5Vouput;

3,Very small size power bank;

4,On-line mode,0ms transfer AC mode to battery mode.

Model GM 312
Input voltage range11~13v dc 
Output portDC portUSB
Output voltage12v dc5v dc
Ouput current2A MAX1A MAX
External adapter outputas adapter5v dc
Battery capacity7800mah
Charging period8 hours
EnvironmentTemperature -20~+45