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Our team back from the 120 th Canton fair


Time: 14TH to 19th ,Oct,2016

Booth No : No. I-25  10.3I25)

Adress :Passage I, 3rd Floor, No.10 Hall, Area B.

Before the Canton fair ,we sent many invitation letters to customer. 

So this time ,many customers went to our booth directly to find us ,

and discuss about the products .

See,Waiting for them to come:(It's me the first girl of the photo.)

MINI UPS is the top sales products in 2016:

Mini dc ups ,it can not only used as a power bank for charge your mobile ,

ipad ,but also can charge for router ,CCTV ,Camera ,or something like that ,

we have many different shape and different style with competitive price .

many customer buy sample and even some customer brought cash to 

made deposit for mass order of this product .

Here are some pictures on the site ,for the ups ,inverter inquiry and discussion .

Our sales team are very wonderful !

Customers like Water pump solar inverter

We are happy ,and customer are very serious for his field ,one customer said 

he hadn’t stayed for more than 5 minutes in other booths .

But for more than one and an half hours in our booth .

Customers are very satisfied with our products and our services .

And in the end ,Order and Money ! very big harvest ! 

And Gift from customer ! I like it very much ,Adam,thank you my friend ,

I will go to your country 

One day once my passport is ok .We are friends forever .

After the 6 days working in the daytime ,we have some fun in the evening .

Guangzhou is really beautiful city ,every time give us so much memory.

But we love Shenzhen ,too.we brought some customers back to our 

office and factory in Shenzhen, to show our products as well .

and have a very good feedback too .

We will be in same place  waiting for you for the next Canton fair .

And we have plan to attend abroad fair in next year .

Please pay attention to our news ,we will update it .

looking forward to seeing you soon .

My dear friend and customer .

I love you .


2016 10.26


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