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Undertake ups system of GuiZhou Section high-speed railway project

The Shanghai–Kunming High-Speed Railway is part of the CRH's system of passenger dedicated lines, beginning in Shanghai and ending in Kunming. The length of this railway totally have 2264km, and speed of high-speed train is designed for 350km/h, which is the longest and cover most province railway.


Welcome to our engineer Mr.Xia and Mr.Huang back from their August trip in Guiyang city ,it is the business trip undertake UPS projects for Changsha–Kunming Section high-speed railway which it’s one part of Shanghai-Kunming High-speed railway and 1175km length . Most of this Section railway is build on the highland and mountains, low temperature, poor oxygen, short of services, all people and equipment face tests on wild strict environment. It’s great that the ups power systems project finished construction! 


Our engineer Mr.Xiayu said it’s honor for him to participate the Shanghai–Kunming High-Speed Railway project! All SATAEKPOWER peoples feel pride that we had make some contribution to China!


Posted at2016-08-26