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Time :11th ,Aug.2016

Adress :Longgang district ,Shenzhen 

Member:All foreign sales in Longgang district .

All foreign sales from  different country ,from different filed ,all come together ,for this kick-off meeting.

Every sales hold the flag and make a vow for him or herself of how much sales target he or she will get during this month .and make a vow that he or she must finish it .

After the vow ,they drink a bowl of beer ,cheers and than broke the bowl into pieces . what a  momentum they are ! 

The more higher achieving rate  ,the more prize he will get from Alibaba and his own company .and the number 1 is the winner .

We can also vist other companies to learn their advantage ,it is for share ,and for comptition game .It is a health competiton .!

And some companies will choose another company as the competitors,too. for example ,A and B company ,they make a bet who win the activity in the finally ,the loser will pay the fee for the winner a tour.to a place of interest of a place .

We ,SHENZHEN SANTAK CASTLE POWER SUPPLY CO.,LTD ,make a bet with SZ vision ,who make camera .we said ,if we win ,they will pay us all the cost to Zhangjiajie ,hunan province .

If they win ,we will pay for theirs .

(our boss and the SZ VISION BOSS BET )

In order to win the competition ,and get  the free tour to Zhangjiajie ,all sales  work harder more than usual in order to as much order as they can to win the competition .

We fight shoulder to shoulder ,we must win the game .!


Posted at2016-08-25