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The use of UPS power supply process, sometimes there will be some fault, many common fault can actually own investigation, no please customer service repair master UPS power failure, there are five common:


First, a flashing lights, battery; this is probably because the battery voltage is too low or no batteries are connected by UPS, then need to check the battery part, connect the battery, if the battery is damaged, replace the battery.


Second, the normal electricity, UPS power is not within the city electricity; this is the UPS input circuit breaker open, just make the circuit breaker can be reset manually.


Third of the battery discharge time is short; it is insufficient battery charging, please charge immediately, keep the UPS power switch on electricity for more than 3 hours.

Fourth, the power button is pressed, the UPS power supply cannot be started; it is too short a time you press the power button, press the power button for at least one second startup UPS.


Fifth, UPS power overload; please check the load and remove the non critical equipment.


If you exclude the above five kinds of reasons, UPS power still cannot work normally, so it is necessary to contact customer service, please repair the master site to solve the problem for you. Santak UPS power supply service system is perfect, the country has a service point, the user has UPS power supply any question cannot be settled, they can contact the customer service to help you solve the problem.




Posted at2014-03-10